M&M Tax Service & Credit Repair Company
3491 Bluecutt Rd Suite 6, Columbus, MS 39705
The Company You can Trust!  Come and see us.  Call us 662-244-0414 email us mmtaxservice@gmail.com    facebook us mmtaxservice&credit&notaryservice. Our Address  3491 Bluecutt Rd suite 6, Columbus, MS  39705  across from the US Postal Service on Bluecutt Rd.

3491 Bluecutt Rd. Suite 6    Columbus, MS  39705    662-244-0414    Follow Us on Facebook mmtaxservice&credit repair & Notary service.   Open year round During Tax Season  hours are 9:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. January and February.  March and April 10:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M.  May to December  10 A.M to 4:00P.M. MONDAY THUR THURSDAY CLOSED FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

The Company You Can Trust   Come and see us!  You try the Rest Now try the Best!

credit repairs & Notary service  or Facebook Brenda Martin. 

About Us

We provide Tax Preparation, Credit Score Improvement and Notarizing your important papers.
We prepare all personal 1040, Schedule C for Business Owners, Truck Drivers, Owner operator,
Barbers & Hair Stylist, Ministers, All Rental Property Schedule E. Capital Gain & Losses, Retirements, Partnership, 990 Forms for Non-Profit Churches, Sale Taxes, Estimated Taxes, 1041 Estate Tax Return. Correcting Tax Return by filing 1040X. If you are a Non Filer who have not filed taxes with the IRS we will get you in complaince with the IRS by filing your tax returns for you.  We file taxes in all 50 States.


Credit Repair
Credit Score Improvement, Credit Counseling, Identity Theft of your Credit Accounts.

We accept Credit Cards.

M&M Tax Service & Credit Repair & Notary Service. The Company you can Trust Come and see us!