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3491 Bluecutt Rd Suite 6, Columbus, MS 39705
The Company You can Trust!  Come and see us.  Call us 662-244-0414 email us mmtaxservice@gmail.com    facebook us mmtaxservice&credit&notaryservice. Our Address  3491 Bluecutt Rd suite 6, Columbus, MS  39705  across from the US Postal Service on Bluecutt Rd.

3491 Bluecutt Rd. Suite 6    Columbus, MS  39705    662-244-0414    Follow Us on Facebook mmtaxservice&credit repair & Notary service.   Open year round During Tax Season  hours are 9:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. January and February.  March and April 10:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M.  May to December  10 A.M to 4:00P.M. MONDAY THUR THURSDAY CLOSED FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

The Company You Can Trust   Come and see us!  You try the Rest Now try the Best!

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 M&M Credit Repair terms and conditions of use agreement the term of use is between the party and individual

Using the credit repair service with the principal place of business at 3491 Bluecutt Rd Suite 6, Columbus, MS 39705. You should carefully read the terms of use before using the credit repair service. By using the credit repair you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use set forth in the terms of use.  This is a legally

binding contract. If you do not agree with the terms of service you should not use service. You agree to use the service in a manner consistent with the terms of use and all applicable rules and regulations.  You acknowledge 

that you accept the terms of services.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If clients credit goals are not reaches by the time that M & M Credit Repair set forth at the time of the program start date. Clients has to write a letter requesting refund of program fee no longer than 30 days after term of program date. M&M Credit Repair agree to refund clients full program fee $100% if c.an not reach clients credit goals. Clients no longer than 30 days after term of program end date.

Privacy Policy 

The M&M Credit Repair Company believes in protecting the privacy information you share with us.  We also believe it is important to inform you about how we use your personal data and give you choices about how that data may be used.  This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting our website, purchasing, enrolling, downloading, or otherwise using any portion of our products or services you are accepting the practices describe in this notice.  If you do not agree with this policy please do not use our services.   We may collect the following type of personal information voluntary when enrolling in our credit repair service.  Information such as your name, address, social security number, date of birth, telephone number and email address.  We also may collect

you 3 credits report to process your credit to increase your score. Security Standards. We employ multiple security measure to protect against unauthorized access of disclosure to sensitive information you provided.

We use the State of the art SSL encryption technologies that safeguard the information you provide to us.

we do not share customers information with outside parties who may wish to market their products to services to you.  We may disclose certain information we collect to third parties who may be acting on your behalf. These may be companies that perform support services for us such for us such as technical systems consultants.  CRM providers, companies.